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4. The Philippines and the Far East Page 108

Stuntz, Homer Clyde
Cincinnati, New York, Jennings and Pye; Eaton and Mains, 1904, pg. 108
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5. The Philippine Islands Page 18

Boyce, William Dickson, 1848-
Chicago, New York, Rand, McNally, 1914, pg. 18
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7. Scenes taken in the Philippines, China, Japan, and on the Pacific, relating to soldiers Page 106

Givens, James David
San Francisco, Hicks-Judd Co., 1912, pg. 106
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8. Come to Java [1922-1923] Page 94

Officieel Toeristenbureau voor Nederlandsch-Indie
Batavia, Photo-Engravers and Printers G. Kolff, 1923, pg. 94