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1. The Philippine Islands Page 130

Lala, Ramon Reyes
New York, Continental publishing company, 1899, pg. 130
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2. The pearl of the Orient : the Philippine Islands Page 74A

Browne, George Waldo
Boston, D. Estes and Co, 1900, pg. 74A
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3. An army woman in the Philippines; extracts from letters of an army officer's wife, describing her personal experiences in the Philippine Islands Page 20A

Shunk, Caroline Saxe (Merrill)
Kansas City, Mo, Franklin Hudson Publishing Co, 1914, pg. 20A
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4. The Philippines and the Far East Page 41

Stuntz, Homer Clyde
Cincinnati, New York, Jennings and Pye; Eaton and Mains, 1904, pg. 41