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1. Surveying and exploring in Siam Page 36

McCarthy, James Fitzroy
London, J. Murray, 1900, pg. 36
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2. Siam : on the Meinam from the gulf to Ayuthia : together with three romances illustrative of Siamese life and customs Page 150A

Sommerville, Maxwell
London, S. Low, Marston and Co., Ltd, 1897, pg. 150A
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4. Four years in Upper Burma Page 109

Winston, W. R
London, C. H. Kelly, 1892, pg. 109
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5. Myamma: a retrospect of life and travel in Lower Burmah Page II

Paske, Charles Thomas
London, W. H. Allen and Co., Limited, 1893, pg. II
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7. The pearl of Asia Page 188B

Child, Jacob T.
Chicago, Donohue, Henneberry and Co, 1892, pg. 188B
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8. Around Tonkin and Siam Page 335

Orleans, Henri Philippe Marie, prince d'
London, Chapman and Hall, 1894, pg. 335